Friday, January 12, 2007

Should ABC Lose Its License? What Needs To Be Done When ABC Flashes Death Images of Saddam Hussein As A "Funny" Promo?

[Ed. note: Yes, I am livid and no, I do not believe I am over-reacting. Cross-posted at our national sister blog, Cut to the Chase.]

You are not apt to find me screaming for the FCC too often. I think people are better arbiters of what they should read and hear and see than another fool federal agency. If I knew of a better agency to contact, I would go that route instead.

Yet what I just saw on TV just now both enraged and sickened me so completely that I am now filing a complaint with the FCC.

I turned on the TV to catch the local news at 11; the satellite was already tuned into an ABC affiliate station in Vermont (Channel 44, I believe) with "20/20" wrapping up (which is good because John Stossel makes me ill). Obviously, however, this was part of a national promo rather than something local.

Immediately comes a promo for Jimmy Kimmel's crappy show which, as part of it, displays for several seconds a post-execution image of the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein lying on a stretcher, his head (of course) cocked at an odd angle. There was really no question what it was or that Hussein was dead.

When the hell did a post-hanging photograph of a dead human being become something used so lightly, for comic relief, with no advance warning?

I believe obscenity is in the eye of the beholder, but I can't quite imagine any sane person failing to find the use of such a photograph in such an utterly tasteless manner as completely and revoltingly obscene.

There is no possible excuse for this.

I want someone's ass for this and no, not the ass of some 20-year-old nobody production assistant. And yes, I am quite serious about the FCC. Nor do I intend to stop there.

Comments? Did anyone else see this? Did you have a reaction to it?

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