Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Evangelicals Finally "Get Religion" On Global Warming

Leading scientists and evangelical Christian leaders have agreed to put aside passionate differences over the origin of life and work together to curb alarming levels of global warming that threaten the survival of life on Earth.

I find this encouraging. I never quite understood the very vocal and stubborn opposition to considering global warming a real issue by evangelicals since - it only makes sense - it's only smart and right to take better control of the gift of our planet. In fact, I was aghast when I first read a few years ago that a large group of Texas evangelical church communities had come out with a statement that none of them had to "worry" about global climate change because they expected The Rapture to occur before there was enough change in the environment to seriously affect them. That, to me, is a terribly unwise gamble.

I also do not "see" that being a born-again Christian must mean, by definition, a complete and deliberate ignorance of science.

[More: At least 50 New Hampshire towns put climate change initiative(s) on the ballot this spring. Also, there is this from the Times Argus: Sanders, Leahy re-introduce Jeffords global warming bill — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is planning to introduce a bill that would cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by the middle of the century. ]

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