Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's Baa-aaa-aaack! Vermont Towns Urged Once Again To Consider Bush Impeachment

[Update: Check out Vermont Impeach, a resource of the Vermont Impeachment Movement.]

From yesterday's (Barre/Montpelier) Times Argus; FYI, The Nation named DeWalt one of the nation's top progressives of 2006:
Dan DeWalt is hoping what he started in his small town a year ago will spread around Vermont this Town Meeting Day and eventually to the halls of Congress.

DeWalt a member of his town Select Board, got his meeting to vote last year to support a call for Congress to impeach President Bush. He said this year, people in 50 Vermont towns are circulating petitions to get the question before voters at Town Meeting, the first Tuesday in March.

"We will be barnstorming the state on this," DeWalt said. "In towns where we do not get it on the warning" — the official agenda for the meeting — "we will try to have it taken up under other business."

DeWalt, a musician and woodworker, saw his effort in Newfane matched by four other towns passing similar resolutions. The vote drew both praise and derision nationwide.

"What we did last year became a clarion call for towns all across the country where people were despairing of the war and the state of the Constitution," DeWalt said. "Now, there's a real possibility Vermont can get the nation's attention focused on impeachment."

DeWalt said the effort is getting support — and expected visits to Vermont — from Cindy Sheehan, the anti-war activist and mother of a soldier who died in Iraq, and former Rep. Elizabeth Holzman, D-N.Y. Holzman was on the House Judiciary Committee that impeached President Nixon and is the author of "The Impeachment of George W. Bush."

Anne McClaughry, interim chairwoman of the Vermont Republican Party, said Bush had done nothing to warrant impeachment.

"These people hate Bush and want to bash him," she said of the impeachment effort's backers. "Hate and contempt are bogus grounds for impeachment, and I trust Vermonters will think it through and ultimately decide for themselves that voting 'yes' on a resolution to impeach the president is unworthy."
Apparently Ms. McClaughry finds perfectly acceptable this administration's blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution, the well-being of the nation, reckless disregard for "obscure little documents" like the Magna Carta and U.S. law, as well as:

  • lying us into wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq
  • deliberately sending troops into multiple arenas without a clear mission, without sufficient equipment or protection, and without any exit strategy
  • working tirelessly (about the only time Bush has, too) to try to block any real investigation into the terror attacks on 9-11-2001 or implementation of plans to try to prevent the massive death and destruction caused from occurring again
  • responding to an unhappy country's electorate by threatening an expansion of Bush's endless wars into Iran and Syria

And this is just barely scratching the surface of what the Bushies have "accomplished" in their "success that has not yet occurred."

One wonders what psychotropic medications Ms. McClaughry is taking or should be prescribed.

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