Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Radio You?

I'm passing this along because I am a major proponent of this (and frankly, I'm considering doing this on my own, both over the airwaves along with simultaneous Webcast - and yes, I promise NOT to sing).

Have you ever dreamed of running your own radiostation? Here's the chance to make it happen.

The Federal Communications Commission is about to open up the publicairwaves to local communities.

The federal agency will open a brief window inOctober for issuing full-power, noncommercial radio licenses.Now may be the last chance for you or your community group to secure alicense.

But you have to be ready, organized and committed:Visit to Learn More

Free Press is working in partnership with Prometheus RadioProject, the Future of Music Coalition, and the Radio for PeopleCoalition to help communities across the country set up their own local,noncommercial stations.

Here's what you need to do to secure a spot on the dial:

Visit our Web site at

Enter your ZIP code in the "frequency finder" to see if space on the dialis available near you Answer the GetRadio questionnaire to see if you'reeligible to apply.

This opportunity may be our last chance to reclaim a segment ofthe radio spectrum for the public. Over the past several decades, localradio stations have been bought up and consolidated under a handful of largecommercial conglomerates. The result has been lousy, cookie-cutter formatsthat sound the same anywhere you go.

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